What exactly am I doing?

This blog is a number of things. Primarily it’s a place to share and store any ideas that pop into my head. Anything that I like or find particularly inspirational will probably also find its way here. This is my identity on the internet: my interests, beliefs, and feelings will all be archived here for people to read and think about, even future people (including future me). When the highly-evolved, future human race looks back on ancient history, my ramblings here will be like scratches on a cave wall.

Secondarily this blog is therapy for me, a place to get my feelings out in the open (something that I’m terrible at doing in person). This is the stage upon which I will reflect, self-deprecate, and hopefully undergo some sort of catharsis that will lead me to peace of mind. We’re all looking for the way forward, and this is my way of doing just that.

So whatever you’ve come here to do, whether you’re here to read my ideas or to just bum out while taking a break from something more important, I invite you to take a look around; before you lies the mind of Steven Balasta.


One response to “What exactly am I doing?

  1. Patricia Lin

    March 14, 2012 at 3:56 PM

    I just noticed the way you reorganized the sidebar.. I like it. a lot less clutter


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