08 Nov

Write a poem about a person who goes to a zoo that urgently wants to see an animal. It can be from the perspective of a human or an animal. It must end in a sound or a gesture.


I am perched atop the head of a
creature much clunkier than I, its

oafish charm drawing the attention
of all the children. They yell and scream

when he turns about in the cool mud,
when he widens his jaw, baring colossal teeth.

A little girl in pink denim overalls
runs to the edge of the pen and tugs

at her mother’s sleeves. “The hippos! The hippos!”
The mother looks down at her child and

knows that this has been a successful trip:
“Yeah sweetie, just like in your book!”

I stretch my neck to put on a show,
I stretch my wings to make myself known.

But alas they are not looking at me,
I know they are not looking at me.

For I am not a bird atop a hippo’s head,
but a hippo with a bird atop its head.

~~~EDIT 11/20/12: Very slight changes.~~~


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