The Joy of Time

07 Nov

The Joy of Time


They say the joy of birth is in a moment,

the moment when lights blind you so,

the moment when warm hands make

a promise to hold you forever.


They say the joy of childhood is in

the days, the days spent peering

at tiny creatures, the days of feeling

honeyed breaths grace youthful lungs.


They say the joy of adulthood is in

the months, the months spent making

dreams become realities, the months

of watching little cries become eager voices.


They say the joy of age is in the years,

the years spent watching your dreams

realize dreams of their own, the years

of cultivating your love for all things.


They say that there is no joy in death,

but I tell you that its joy is in the moment:

the moment when the joy of life becomes

crystallized in old bones, when the eye

loses its lightness and the soul gains its own,

when a single moment becomes forevermore.

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Posted by on November 7, 2012 in Poetry, Writing


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