19 Oct

“She looks like a Jenny,” Jimmy says.

“You look like a Jimmy!” Jenny retorts.

“I think she looks like a Shirley!” No one registers that Lisa has said anything.

“What do I look like?” asks Anna.

“You look like an Anna!” Again no one responds to Lisa’s claim.

“You look like an Angela,” Jenny says with finality. All the guys nod in approval.

“Shit, that’s so weird: I was just thinking that!” Tommy says, looking for Jenny’s reaction eagerly, “Isn’t that so weird?”

Jenny ignores him. “You look like a Tommy. And you look like a Franklin.”

Tommy and Franklin look at one another and nod approvingly. They take turns saying,  “Yeah definitely; you’re definitely right.”

Lisa pipes up, “What do I look like?” Again no one responds, the others continuing their conversation. Lisa adjusts herself in her chair, coughs a bit, and starts playing with her phone.

I want to tell her that she looks like a Lisa.


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