Little Book Blurbs: Friendlihana

15 Oct


Thoughts: I like working at Benihana. It’s a relatively relaxing job. People are nice.Well at least the staff. Can’t really speak for the politeness of the clientele, though most people are decent.

It’s an interesting chapter in my life. My parents are happy that I have a job, even it’s just at a restaurant. I suppose it’s a nice introduction to the world.

I’ve really been sheltered my entire life. I mean, I cook and clean and have had my fair share of responsibility.But I grew up in a place where people aspired to be doctors and lawyers and astrophysicists. B’s were considered bad, A’s were good enough, C’s were for the lazy and the stupid. Harvard and Princeton and Yale were attainable goals for just about everyone.

But life isn’t like that. Life is a place where people go to whatever college they can, where they make life changing mistakes, where happiness can be anything from being a soap actress to having a family and a dog. Life is complicated. People are complicated. I think I’ve spent too long ignoring this simple and plain truth.

Some of these people are really struggling. They live the only way they can, striving towards some far off happiness. But they do so with a smile on their face. They do so all the while treating people with respect and kindness, rarely ever showing the weight of their burdens. I can see it though. In their eyes there is much strife and uncertainty. But there is also bravery hidden there in their eyes. There are stalwart spirits here, and it is that sort of spirit that I both respect and admire.

I have my own dreams that I want to pursue. And luckily I was born gifted with the talent and intelligence to pursue those distant dreams. What I lack is spirit. I lack that fire of life, the spark that shines so brightly in the eyes of my fellow coworkers. I certainly have many things that I could team them. But I honestly believe that they have more to offer to me than I to them. I’ve spent quite a long time looking for something – what it was, I didn’t know. But I think, while wandering alone in the dark forest of my life, I’ve come across a Virgil of sorts. I expect the journey to be harrowing, but it is only on such a journey that true enlightenment can be attained, the elixir found, and the world be cured of its ills, the world being my soul.

Benihana is just a stepping stone to a much larger, scarier, and fantastic place. It’s time to be acquainted with this world’s denizens and all of their terrible and beautiful aspects.


One response to “Little Book Blurbs: Friendlihana

  1. Meow

    October 16, 2012 at 10:17 PM

    Friendlihana FTW!


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