Writing Exercise 3

29 Sep

Describe a scene that is filled with a single color.

Orange called out to me because it wasn’t blue. Bleary eyed I turned the corner into the sun, the city awash in orange glow. I tried not to squint, to let the blaze of the shiny sidewalks and glass buildings fill me with their fire, but I was too cool-eyed to allow more than a sliver of warmth in. It was all surreal, like a painting or a movie, as if the cinematographer had told the director to up the saturation, or the painter had dreamed of pumpkins.

I stood cock-eyed smoking a cigarette. The wind howled, forcing the lit end of my cigarette into a wild but short lived fervor. I was all brown and blue and brown again, but I could feel a glow and knew that like the rest of the street, I was on fire.


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