Writing Exercise 2

28 Sep

David is outside and it is about to rain. Where does he take shelter? Who is there? What are they doing? Why was David outside?

David mentally kicked himself as he felt the first drop of rain fall on his nose – he knew he should’ve brought the umbrella when he left in the morning. Feeling the rain start to build, he ran to the nearest shelter in sight – a bus stop that was already crowded with fleeing people. He squeezed himself in between the commuters and the refugees, trying his best to hold back a sneeze as he apologized and pushed his way under the tiny roof. “Achoo!” It wasn’t him who had sneezed but him who had been sneezed on – he considered turning around to give the man a dirty look, but he supposed that he could understand the man’s predicament. David looked out onto the corner where he had been waiting and hoped that Sally would have an umbrella with her when she arrived – he didn’t particularly feel like getting sneezed on again. It began to pour, and somehow, despite his extreme discomfort at being lodged between a bunch of disgruntled people, he smiled and laughed. Sometimes it’s all you can do.


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