Writing Exercise 1

25 Sep

Daphne is at the supermarket. Why is she there? What does she see? 

Daphne wasn’t entirely sure why she was at the grocery – it was just a place to go. She had been growing weary of her windowless apartment, the absence of non-mouse life compelling her to flee to the outside world. Why she went to the grocery of all places remained a mystery to her, but a mystery she didn’t really care to dwell on – perhaps it was the big, ostentatiously red tomato on the window that called out to her.

Daphne casually strolled through the aisles, half-heartedly perusing the items on the shelves without any real intention of buying anything. She walked past the fruit section, holding back a snicker when she observed an old lady pressing a cantaloupe to her nose. The meat section was perhaps the most entertaining of all – no one really seemed entirely sure of what they were doing, poking and prodding their way to the perfect centerpiece of their dinner.


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