Quotes: Ken Robinson 8-10

10 Apr

“Original ideas may emanate from the creative inspiration of individual minds, but they do not emerge in a cultural vacuum.”

“We can talk separately about technology, the economy, legal systems, ethics and work, but the lived experience of a culture can only really be understood in terms of how all of these elements interrelate and influence each other.”

“All technologies are neutral. What counts is who uses them and what they use them for. Any material, any tool in the hands of an artist, can result in a work of art.”

“Even the most sophisticated technologies only change the world when they connect with basic human instincts. When they do, their impact is unstoppable.”

“As knowledge expands, greater specialization is inevitable. The risk is that we lose sight of the larger picture, of how ideas connect and can inform each other.”

-Ken Robinson, Out of Our Minds, Chapter 8

“Being in your element is about tapping into your natural energy and your most authentic self. When that happens, as Confucius said, you never work again.”

“The creative impulses of most people can be suffocated by negative criticism, cynical putdowns or dismissive remarks. Effective collaborators ‘amplify’ each other’s contributions.”

“The simple truth is that organizations that make the most of their people find that their people make the most of them. That is the power of innovation and the constant promise of creative leadership.”

-Ken Robinson, Out of Our Minds, Chapter 9

“If students are not learning, education is not happening.”

“No one can be made to learn against his or her will. Learning is a personal choice. Of course, under conditions of compulsion and penalty even the most reluctant learners will grudgingly commit ideas to memory to avoid unpleasant consequences.”

“One problem with systems of assessment that use letters and grades is that they are usually very light on description and very heavy on comparison.”

“Transforming education is not easy but the price of failure is more than we can afford, while the benefits of success are more than we can imagine.”

-Ken Robinson, Out of Our Minds, Chapter 10


One response to “Quotes: Ken Robinson 8-10

  1. Ayasonice

    April 10, 2012 at 11:01 PM

    These thoughts are very profound. I will share these on twitter!


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