Quotes: Ken Robinson 7

03 Apr

“Aesthetics is a powerful force in all forms of creative work: for scientists and mathematicians just as for musicians, poets, dancers, and designers.”

“The relationships of thinking and feeling are at the heart of the creative process in all fields, including the arts and the sciences.”

“Artists are not just expressing feelings, but ideas about feelings; not just ideas but feelings about ideas.”

“Creativity in the arts, as in the sciences, requires control of materials and ideas and great discipline in honing the exact forms of expression.”

“Responding to works of art and trying to make sense of them is also a creative process.”

“To assume that artistic judgments are simply personal opinion is as mistaken as assuming that all scientific opinion is undisputed fact. Meaning and interpretation are at the heart of all creative processes.”

“It is not what interests artists or scientists that distinguishes them from each other, but how it interests them:”

“It is through feelings as well as through reason that we find our real creative power. It is through both that we connect with each other and create the complex, shifting worlds of human culture.”

-Ken Robinson, Out of Our Minds, Chapter 7


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