Quotes: Ken Robinson 4 & 5

28 Mar

“Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler did not solve an old problem: they asked a new question and in doing so they changed the whole basis upon which the old questions were framed.”

“Our ideas can enslave or liberate us. Some people never do make the transition and remain resident in the old world view: their ideological comfort zone.”

“Like the medieval astronomer we continue to believe in the assumptions of mass education, despite all the evidence that the system is failing so many people within it.”

“To educate people for the future, we must see through the academic illusion to their real abilities, and to how these different elements of human capacity enhance rather than detract from each other.”

– Ken Robinson: Out of Our Minds, Chapter 4

“The brain is not a mechanical object: it is an organic entity. The mind is not a calculator: it is a dynamic process of consciousness. The creative process is not a single ability that lives in one or other region of the body. It thrives on the dynamism between different ways of thinking and being.”

“Many people are diverted from their natural paths in life by the preoccupation in education with academic intelligence and the hierarchy of disciplines.”

– Ken Robinson: Out of Our Minds, Chapter 5


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