Idiocy or Art?

21 Feb

This post is the beginning to a topic that I’ve wanted to talk about for quite some time.

The growing concentration of information on the web has lead to the formation of a unique sort of culture which most people who are connected to the web have at least some experience with. This culture, an amalgam of cultures and subcultures from all over the world, has given birth to a new sort of art, one just as steeped in primal human creativity as the internet itself. This art form is certainly largely absurd and somewhat idiotic in appearance, but somehow there is a certain genius involved in its creation, a primal sort of genius which we cannot ignore or make light of. I claim that this art form is the result of an extremely rapid cultural evolution, an evolution that could only have taken place on the internet. The massively scaled and super fast induction of information from people of all sorts of cultural and personal backgrounds has caused the rapid evolution of a new culture, a strange implosion of the traditional notions of cultural sensibility. The result is really quite funny (and interesting!).

Here are a few of my favorite examples of this fledgling art form. You might get a glimpse of what I’m talking about when I say “primal genius.”

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Posted by on February 21, 2012 in Funny, Idiocy or Art?, Philosophy


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