Change of Pace

23 Jan

After having had this blog for a few months, I think I’ve fallen into a trap that I was trying very desperately to avoid: thinking too much. Recently I’ve been writing these long, esoteric and frankly overwrought pieces about philosophy and society and whatnot. I don’t really think that this sort of style represents me very well, at least not all of me. While sinking deeply into the grandiose world of PHILOSOPHY! and that sort of thing, I’ve let other topics that I love sort of fall by the wayside. It’s always been my goal to be more than just a single thing, to fall into so many categories that the best way to describe my interests would be “likes doing stuff.” I haven’t exactly been true to this goal.

In an effort to drag myself out of Plato’s allegorical (or, in this case, metaphorical) cave, I’ve come up with a few new things that I’d like to try out, as per a few recommendations from my friend Sam Chen. To those who follow me (few though you are), look forward to more frequent and more entertaining posts (well, hopefully more entertaining).

Thanks to everyone who keeps up with this blog, as inaccessible and dull as I’ve made it thus far.



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One response to “Change of Pace

  1. Patricia Lin

    January 23, 2012 at 8:41 PM

    can’t wait!


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