Somewhat Related Thoughts: Listening, Caring, and Giving

28 Oct

I know I have a tendency to sound somewhat, for lack of a better word, “poetic” on this blog. I have this sort of idealistic or perhaps romantic way of talking about things that cause, in some people, uncontrollable bouts of eye rolling. There’s plenty of reason not to really take anything I say seriously, the way I talk about things being one, and the things I talk about being a second. I can only really hope that a few of you have read this blog and have come away with something more than the thought “Yeah, and?”

There’s a reason I write about the things I do, and it’s not just to write: it’s to tell you something. I write here to share my perspective on things, not to shove it down anyone’s throat nor to convince anyone that I’m right. One of the things that I truly believe in is the notion that we’re all free to believe what we believe. But I also believe that we should never close our minds completely; all things deserve the full extent of our fairest judgement and consideration. Ideas are the most valuable things we may ever exchange, for they offer the chance to show us something new about the world. To stubbornly ignore the world has been the downfall of many men, great and not-so-great.

The human race is developing a big problem, possibly one of the biggest problems it will ever face. We’ve all got our eyes set on the future, to the point where things and people simply fade into means to our ends or become nothing at all. Individualism, like everything else, requires balance. The ability to depend on one’s self is the gift of autonomy, but we must never forget those around us, even the ones who have no bearing in our lives. We’re all people, really and truly people. We all have things that we want, places we want to be, and people we want to become. In the pursuit of those things, we should never forget that people out there dream just as big and yearn just as deeply. Rather than shove each other’s heads into the water just to get an extra gulp of air, why not teach each other to swim? Of course we’ve all got to stand on our own legs, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t help each other learn how to do just that, and it certainly doesn’t mean that we should trip each other up.

Greed and ambition have created many great men, but in the wake of their ascension lie the broken lives of far more. We all deserve what we want, but we should always be willing to give it up for the right reasons. It is this notion that separates the king from the tyrant, the noble from the rich, and the good from the evil. True kindness will always beget kindness: if we all believed in this, would the world be so bad? Sincere kindness is the greatest gift we can give, for only evil men repay kindness with anything less.

Food for thought before I go: a man who can crush his enemies wields great power, but the man who can make his enemies into his allies wields a far greater one.

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One response to “Somewhat Related Thoughts: Listening, Caring, and Giving

  1. Patricia Lin

    November 16, 2011 at 1:07 AM

    do you think everyone deserves to be treated kindly?

    request: Thanksgiving post! (pictures of Balasta home cooking please)


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