My Favorite Songs . . . To Walk To (Night Edition)

29 Sep

I realize I haven’t been posting as often as I should. I would say that it’s due to being highly stressed with the start of the semester, but it’s not. I just haven’t had anything to write about for a while.

Anyway, to make up for it, I’m going to try and post as often as possible. The whole point of this blog was to exercise my writing in small ways, so it kind of defeats the purpose if I don’t write anything at all.

The day and the night are two different worlds for me, no matter where I am. In the city, the day is alive with activity, the beat and bustle of the city creating a living ambiance, morphing from block to block, from second to second. At night, the streets are dark and empty, the now almost indiscernible din sounding hollow in comparison to the roar of the daylight hours. Yet the absence of sound crashes all about me, isolating me in cascades of silent reverberation. There’s  something haunting about the cold and the dark, about the emptiness and the loneliness, the abandoned signs of life reminding me of the void left in the absence of people.

In the night I find my true soul, bare and shivering, yet curious and bold. And it is in the dark that we talk and we listen, my head a flutter with the sound of nothing but the dialogue of my mind.

I’ve enjoyed walks at night since my high school days, when I used to walk home from my friend’s house after our OM meetings. Someone would always offer me a ride back, which I would usually refuse, instead choosing to brave the dark, silent streets with nothing but a starry sky and a chattery mind to keep me company. Back in those days I used to silently lament to myself about my trivial teen angsts. The night now brings new sorts of lamentation, but now they are accompanied by something else: clarity.

Sometimes I listen to music on my night walks, perhaps eliminating the silence, but creating a different sort of loneliness, a different sort of clarity. These are a few songs that get me in a properly dark and lonely type of mood. Quite a few of these are from movie soundtracks, which is probably why they’ve got so much mood about them. Enjoy.

“Wandering Star” – Portishead

“Biscuit” – Portishead

“Maenam” – Jami Seiber

“Long Past Gone” – Jami Seiber

“Missing” – Beck

“Sex Born Poison” – Air

“Medieval Waters” – Carter Burwell

“Theme from the Conversation” – David Shire

“Whatever Was Arranged” – David Shire

“Générique” – Miles Davis

“Breathless” – Oldboy Soundtrack

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