A Personal Take on Philosophy

06 Aug

Art speaks more to the affections of the heart rather than to the reason of the mind, though that is not to say that reason plays no part in the formation of opinions: an educated mind certainly has more faculties available to it to render art more or less tasteful than one that is less nurtured. Yet the most meaningful experiences associated with a work are not the clarity of the song’s notes, nor the curve of the brushstroke, but those feelings that are evoked in us via our subjective experience. We may find meaningful experience within an artist’s craft and abilities, yet craft and ability themselves are but a means of conveyance of this experience: we may have meaningful experiences of art without concern of the quality of the art itself. My son’s first drawing, regardless of the quality of its composition, may have a greater power to invoke emotions in me than the most elegant of portraiture, if my mind is open to it.

In all things, there is beauty. In all things, there is something to be learned. Even in the deep dark, do we not learn the importance of light? How do we measure our courage. if we have not the fear to test it against? Inhabit all things with the full faculties of your mind and you find secrets hidden to all but you. This may be overly romantic in thought, and perhaps I’m being overenthusiastic. But I must ask, would it be so bad, if everything had significance? The universe is just a sea of happenings, some small, others big: what matters the size of the happening, if all that matters is what it may cause in us?

To me, philosophy is this: the pursuit of meaning in all things, the wonder of knowledge before our eyes in every moment, in everything.

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Posted by on August 6, 2011 in Philosophy, Writing


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